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Close-up of a laptop with a Google Chrome homepage, glowing light radiating from the edges, blue and white colors dominating the scene, depicting efficiency and modernity, vibrant hues of blue filling the frame to suggest energy and productivity, minimalistic yet stylish appearance representing minimalism as an aesthetic ideal. Photography with DSLR model Canon 5D Mark IV, macro lens with aperture set to f/2.8, shutter speed set to 1/200 sec., ISO 100 for optimal sharpness.A vibrant, colorful Super Princess Peach portrait, with bright yellow and orange flowers in the background. She stands confidently on a grassy meadow, staring out into the distance with a determined expression. Her pink dress is adorned with stars and she is wearing a golden crown atop her head. The overall atmosphere of the scene is one of joy and strength. To create this image, use macro photography techniques to capture intricate details and vibrant colors; utilize natural light sources for an ethereal feel; adjust exposure settings to amplify contrast between dark and light elements.A mysterious fog fills a lonely mountain top, the sky is dark and oppressive, the dead leaves rustle in the wind and creaking branches hang from above, a sense of unease pervades the atmosphere, as if waiting for something to happen - capture this feeling through Macro photography using a Canon EOS 6D with an f/2.8 aperture and 1/100s shutter speed; or with oil painting on canvas using titanium white, burnt umber and yellow ochre; or with 3D rendering in Blender using ambient occlusion lighting and simulated camera effects; or with digital illustration techniques utilizing Adobe Photoshop brushes and layers; or with woodburning art by burning intricate designs into basswood.A solitary individual, standing atop a barren hill, gazes in the distance with intense determination. The sky is overcast, yet there's an atmosphere of hope and optimism. The subject stands tall and proud - a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity. A faint rainbow appears on the horizon, providing a glimmer of hope for what lies ahead. Capture this moment with an eclectic combination of macro photography and dynamic portrait styling; use deep greens and blues to evoke feelings of strength and courage with delicate flares to add hints of optimism.A spreadsheet is available to download for "How To Get Rich (without getting lucky) - An Alternative Path," which provides step-by-step guidance on achieving wealth. The post suggests living frugally in a cheap, high-quality country while working as a highly paid contractor (preferably a remote software engineer) and investing as much as possible into the stock market through a limited company. It also proposes setting a FIRE number, seeking assets that earn while you sleep, and retiring early to work on passion projects afterwards. To visualize this concept, an interesting stock image could show a businessman gazing off into the sunset with a laptop and suitcase at his side, implying financial freedom and mobility. The environment could be a beach, a city skyline, or a mountain vista. The mood could be calm, peaceful, or determined, with hints of ambition and adventure. The rendering could be a vibrant digital illustration with bright colors and sharp lines to convey a sense of energy and aspiration.A closeup of a glowing, chrome-plated Google logo in the night sky, Detailed reflections and glares on the metallic surface with hints of stars and clouds in the background, A sense of awe and wonder at the technological advancement represented by Google, Photography with a DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens at an aperture setting of f/8 and shutter speed set to 1/200s, Post-processing to enhance colors, highlights and shadows.Young woman, outdoor, summer day, smiling with friends and family, bright sunlight creating happy shadows on her face, feeling of joy and contentment in the air. Photography with DSLR camera set to aperture priority mode at f/8.0 and ISO 100-200.Young, confident woman posing seductively in a dimly lit room, with a strong red and black color palette, her piercing eyes looking directly at the camera invitingly. The atmosphere is sultry and suggestive, enhanced by the soft lingerie she wears. The image should be captured with a digital camera set to manual mode with an aperture of f/2.8 for shallow depth of field and a shutter speed of 1/200th second to freeze the motion. To emphasize her curves and expressiveness in the photo further, use backlighting from two sources: one from behind the model and one from slightly above to create shadows that bring out her features even more.Group of young people enjoying a video on laptop, smiling and laughing, bright colors, high contrast, positive and uplifting atmosphere, photograph using a DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens in natural light.Person in a lab coat, standing in front of a computer monitor displaying an X-ray scan of the lungs, focused look on their face, illuminated by the monitor's warm light, evoking feelings of concern and curiosity. Realized through digital photography with a DSLR camera using natural lighting and long exposures for clarity and atmosphere.A provocative website description for a decentralised social network. The prompt requires the generation of a matching stock image. Include a list of detailed descriptions about the image, the environment, the mood, and the realization method. Combine a wide variety of rare and commonly used English words.A close-up of a doctor in a laboratory holding a vial with the COVID-19 virus, their face illuminated by the glowing liquid inside and their eyes focused on the computer monitor in front of them, examining AI-generated data to detect COVID-19 from X-Ray/CT Scans with 98% accuracy. The lab is full of hi-tech medical equipment, monitors displaying vital information and stacks of papers detailing findings. The atmosphere is intense as they work tirelessly to provide an effective diagnosis. Realize this prompt using macro photography with natural lighting and vibrant colors to emphasize the doctor's determination and sense of urgency.A young adult, standing in a library surrounded by towering shelves of books, the atmosphere is one of deep concentration and contemplation. The person is dressed in casual but smart attire: jeans and a t-shirt with a blazer. They are deeply engrossed in the book they hold tightly between their hands; the face conveys intense focus and dedication to absorbing the knowledge that awaits them. The light streaming through the large windows casts long shadows that dance on the walls and floor, adding an air of mystery to this moment of self-reflection. A subtle but noticeable sense of optimism pervades - learning from these books will equip them with skills to make positive changes in their life, inspiring hope for what lies ahead.Group of smiling people, outdoors, relaxed and content atmosphere, camera-captured photo with natural lighting and wide angle lens.A blazingly fast, futuristic Sonic character rocketing through a star-filled sky at breakneck speed, vibrant colors radiating off of their spines and fur, a sense of excitement and energy emanating from the scene, rendered in full HD with realistic lighting and shadows using Unreal Engine 4's Volumetric Lighting feature.A high-tech work environment with a futuristic vibe, depicting a group of ambitious entrepreneurs working together on an AI project. The people are focused and determined, their faces shining with excitement and ideas. The room is filled with the latest technology, such as computers, holographic displays and advanced robotics. The light is bright yet soft, giving off an ethereal feeling. Photography using a macro lens for detailed close-ups of the equipment and people in the scene should be used to capture this moment in time - when ambition met technology and created something extraordinary.A serene, peaceful moment of contemplation overlooking a city skyline in the early morning, its streets and buildings adorned with lights and reflections. The sounds of nature blend with the sounds of the city to create an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. The colors are muted, but still vibrant, giving an airy feeling to the scene as if it were suspended in time. A perfect place for rest and reflection before taking on the challenges of a new day.A lone, illuminated street lamp in a dark cityscape at night, sky filled with twinkling stars and a bright crescent moon, calm atmosphere with occasional gusts of wind rustling through the leaves of the trees, vibrant colors and abstract shapes that draw attention to the loneliness of the scene. Photography (e.g. Long Exposure with Canon 6D Mark II), Painting (e.g. Acrylic on Canvas), Digital Illustration (e.g Adobe Photoshop).Modern, sophisticated office environment with a Google logo in the background, Comm high-tech furniture and accessories, dark walls with bright accents of color, modern architectural elements to emphasize the setting, computers and tablets scattered around the workspace to symbolize productivity, a window with natural light streaming in to provide a sense of calmness and balance; Photography (e.g. High-Dynamic Range (HDR), Panoramic Style) with Nikon D850 camera model and according settings including long exposure shots for motion blurs/light trails effects; Painting with detailed descriptions about oil painting materials and working technique used; Rendering with Unreal Engine 4 settings including virtual lighting setup; Digital Illustration using Adobe Photoshop software tools combined with 3D elements from Autodesk Maya software package; Woodburn art using pyrography techniques.A man stands confidently in front of a modern-looking high-tech building, with the sun setting in the background. He has his arms crossed, looking determined and ready to take on whatever challenge awaits him. The building is comprised of sharp angles and sleek glass, giving off a feeling of power. The warm orange light from the sunset creates a sense of optimism, while the shadows cast by the building give off an air of mystery and intrigue. This image should be captured using macro photography with a Canon EOS R camera at 1/1000ths shutter speed, f/5 aperture and ISO 400 for maximum detail capture.A striking and captivating image that would complement a discussion on Andrew McAfee's "More from Less" is needed. The book speaks of dematerialization, highlighting how we are accomplishing more with less in terms of environmental impact. Such a picture could be a blurry and abstract representation of a bustling city, showing how we are mastering economies of scale to optimize power usage in large urban areas. It could also feature natural elements juxtaposed with industrial infrastructure, perhaps portraying the delicate balance between technology and the environment. The mood should be hopeful and optimistic, capturing the sense of possibility that McAfee's book inspires. The image should be rendered with high contrasts, stylistically timed and with sharp focus on its core elements. Visualizing a dematerialized world, where the convergence of technology and capitalism create a better world, while minimizing the use of scarce natural resources would be an ideal subject for photography. A wide-angle lens and high ISO settings would be appropriate. Alternatively, a digital illustration that expertly combines the natural and the artificial could be used to great effect, capturing the essence of McAfee's vision. Regardless of the medium, the prompt should challenge the AI-based text-to-image program to craft an evocative visual without using any words, that tells a compelling story about sustainability, innovation and the power of human imagination.A young girl, trembling with fear, crouches in a dimly lit hotel corridor, her back against a wall. The air is cold and oppressive; the only sound is the distant ticking of an old clock. A glimmer of moonlight streams through the window at the end of the hallway, exposing her vulnerable position. Her heart races as she desperately tries to remain undetected by a lurking killer. The desperate situation has left her with no other choice but to stay still and wait in hopes that they will pass by unnoticed.A smiling young woman stands in a verdant field, arms outstretched, the sun setting behind her. She wears a light blue dress that billows in the wind and has a serene expression of contentment on her face. The field, filled with tall grasses and wildflowers, is awash in golden light from the setting sun. The mood is one of peacefulness and joy - an idyllic scene perfect for illustrating contentment and fulfillment with AI-generated imagery. Realization should be done through digital illustration techniques, such as vector art or 3D modeling software. Color palette should be warm and inviting to convey the tranquil atmosphere of the scene.A group of people standing outside a café, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the evening. They all appear to be wearing their best clothes and are talking in hushed tones. The street is illuminated by flickering warm yellow street lights and the atmosphere is pregnant with anticipation. Realize this scene with a digital painting, using bold colors and clean lines to convey the excited energy of the night.A misty scene of a tea plantation in Ceylon, surrounded by mountains, with workers harvesting the leaves and carrying their baskets of tea. The air is heavy with the scent of dried tea leaves and a sense of calm industry. The sun is setting, painting the sky in shades of orange and pink. A peaceful atmosphere that speaks to the hard work and dedication put forth by the people who make it all possible.Young woman, smiling and looking into the camera, in front of a bright and vibrant YouTube background featuring various clips, logos and text from popular content creators. The atmosphere of the image is upbeat and inviting with an emphasis on connection and community. Realize this image through photography using a macro lens with tight framing, bright colors and sharp focus to capture the details of the scene.Una joven mujer, vestida con una camisa blanca y pantalones negros ajustados, se sienta en el borde de un bosque nevado. Se ve cansada y desanimada, con los ojos entrecerrados y los hombros caídos. A su alrededor hay árboles cubiertos de nieve recién caída que reflejan la luz del sol. La imagen captura el peso del estrés experimentado por las mujeres jóvenes en nuestra sociedad moderna, así como la esperanza de superarlo encontrando formas saludables para lidiar con él.A diverse and multi-generational group of people, ranging from younger to older, gather around a large wooden table. They have their hands together in a gesture of unity and collaboration. The room is lit with natural light coming in through the windows, giving it an ethereal atmosphere. Reverently placed at the center of the table is a stack of books representing centuries worth of knowledge and wisdom. All around them are shelves filled with artifacts of our shared human history, along with charts and diagrams that demonstrate complex equations and theories that have been used to shape our world today. The environment inspires creativity, progressiveness, reflection, and hope for a better tomorrow.*A man dressed in a black suit and tie, standing atop a glass skyscraper overlooking the city skyline, his face displaying determination and ambition. ,Detailed description of the man: He is wearing a tailored black suit with an immaculate white shirt tucked into trousers sitting high on his waist. His tie is knotted firmly at his neck and he is standing with one arm to his side, gripping a briefcase in his left hand. The other arm is extended outwards as if pointing to something in the distance.,Detailed description of environment: He stands atop an ultramodern glass skyscraper that towers over the cityscape below him. The sun is setting behind him, casting its orange hue across the horizon while dark clouds are looming above as it threatens rain.,Mood/Feelings/Atmosphere: There’s an air of power and ambition present in this scene; he looks confident yet calm amongst the hustle and bustle of this bustling metropolis.,Realization instructions: Photography (e.g Macro Fisheye Style Portrait) with camera model and according settings; Painting with detailed descriptions about materials used; Rendering with engine settings; Digital Illustration; Woodburn art (and everything else that could be defined as an output typeA single person stands atop a hill, gazing out at a vast expanse of clouds and sky. The sun is setting in the distance, bathing everything in warm oranges and yellows. The air is calm and peaceful, filled with the faint sound of birds chirping. This is a moment for reflection and contemplation; the person is alone but content with the world around them. They are surrounded by nature and have an appreciation for its beauty. This image should be captured using natural light, focusing on subtle details like shadows, lighting angles, colour saturation, etc., to emphasize the tranquillity of this scene.A lone figure standing atop a hill at sunrise, their face obscured by the shadows of their hood and the rising sun's rays illuminating the landscape behind them, a stark contrast to the darkness that lay ahead. The atmosphere is heavy with anticipation and uncertainty, as if something momentous is about to happen. Realize this prompt through photography using a macro lens and low depth of field in order to capture detail in both the foreground and background elements.A powerful Yasuo, clad in a black and grey outfit with eyes burning like embers, stands atop an ancient stone bridge. The wind whips around him and the thunder claps in the background. He raises his sword to the sky as he unleashes Galeforce - a technique so powerful it is almost impossible to execute - to take out his foes. The scene is filled with tension and energy as lightning crackles around him, creating a dramatic atmosphere that conveys strength, power and determination. To realize this vision in an image requires expert level photography utilizing macro lenses or fisheye styles along with complex lighting and post-processing techniques to capture all the details of the moment.Silhouette of a young woman typing on a laptop in a sunlit room, vibrant colors, cozy atmosphere, pleasant feeling of productivity and achievement, photography with macro lens and shallow depth of field.An ancient warrior wearing a shining steel armor stands in a barren wasteland, his face determined as he stares into an uncertain future. His sword glows with a divine light, and the shadows of the surrounding mountains are lengthened by the setting sun. The air is heavy with anticipation and hope, conveying the warrior's courage and strength in this moment of struggle. Capture this scene in a photograph using natural light, with dramatic shadows to emphasize the hero's determination and ambition.A majestic stag standing atop a snow-covered mountain, looking off into the horizon, its antlers piercing the sky., Majestic, noble, powerful; the stag stands tall and proud. Its fur glistening in the sun's rays, creating a shimmering effect. The mountain is blanketed in snow, while pine trees stand tall against the white landscape. A light wind ruffles its fur as it stares off into the distance., Crisp air and bright sunlight create an atmosphere of clarity and serenity. The snow beneath its feet crunching with every step taken on an otherwise silent mountain top. A gentle yet powerful presence radiates from this majestic animal., Capture this scene through photography with macro lens capabilities to capture intricate details of both wildlife and environment or an illustration working with traditional media like pastel pencils or watercolors to create a soft yet vibrant image that conveys peacefulness and grandeur at once.A young professional working on their laptop in a modern home office, with the sunlight streaming in through the windows and highlighting the structured yet calming atmosphere of the room. The person is focused and productive, but they also have an air of contentment as they work. Capture this moment with a digital illustration, using subtle textures and soft tones to convey feelings of positivity and potential.A man in a sleek black suit stands atop a grassy knoll, looking up at the night sky. The scene is illuminated by a single street lamp, casting an eerie yellow glow across the landscape. The man's expression is one of awe and contemplation as he gazes upon the stars. He has a deep respect for AI and its potential to revolutionize humanity. In this image, we can feel his admiration for AI as he contemplates its impact on our world and our future.A silhouetted figure stands with arms raised and back to the sun, overlooking a sprawling cityscape. The sky is awash with warm hues of yellow, orange and pink as the sun sets in the background. The cityscape is illuminated by street lights in varying colors of blue, green and purple. The mood is one of anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead. This image should be realized using a combination of photography, camera settings, painting materials and digital rendering techniques to capture the dynamic energy of this scene.Two young entrepreneurs, in their late twenties, are sitting in the middle of a chaotic yet organized office space, surrounded by dozens of coffee mugs and laptops. Both are wearing glasses, one is focused on a laptop while the other looks off into the distance with an intense look of contemplation and ambition. A poster on the wall reads "12 Startups in 12 Months" to remind them of their ambitious plan. The mood is one of determination and optimism for their future endeavors. Photography with natural lighting using a wide-angle lens set to f/2 for shallow depth-of-field should be used to capture this scene.A futuristic AI-powered tool, generating an image from a given link, warning users of possible gaming of the upvote system or shady practices. A Google Colab code running without requiring any coding skills and a GitHub repository with code available for anyone to use. Matt's pick as one of his best in class tools, using rare and commonly used words to create a unique image with hints of blue and purple glowing in the background. An overall feeling of trustworthiness and modernity is created through sharp lines radiating outwards from various points in the scene while soft curves provide balance. The prompt should be realized through digital illustration that captures both the futuristic nature of the tool as well as its potential for trustworthiness.Lonely beach, crystal clear blue water, white sand, pristine shoreline, majestic palm trees swaying in the breeze, sun setting on the horizon of a peaceful sunset sky; vivid colors and strong contrasts creating an idyllic scene of tranquility and serenity. Photography with a Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR camera featuring Wide Dynamic Range (HDR) mode and 24-105mm F/4 lens to capture the natural beauty in perfect clarity.Close-up of a colorful paintbrush, dripping with a vivid mix of hues, against a backdrop of foggy abstract shapes and subtle pastel tones. The atmosphere is peaceful and inviting, while the composition is unique and captivating. Invite viewers to create their own art using playARTi by capturing detailed photographs with a DSLR camera set for macro photography; painting with acrylics and watercolors on canvas; creating 3D renders in Blender or Maya; digital illustration in programs like Procreate or Photoshop; or woodburning on handmade pieces of wood.A lone figure stands atop a wind-swept cliff, overlooking a vast expanse of rolling hills and lush forests. The light of the setting sun paints the sky in vibrant shades of pink and orange, while the air is filled with a peaceful ambiance. A sense of adventure and discovery pervades the scene, as if anything could be possible in this beautiful landscape. The perfect image to accompany this description would be one that captures these feelings of mystery and exploration - perhaps with an aerial view emphasizing the grand scale, or even a close-up portrait highlighting the character's determination. No matter what medium is used - photography (e.g macro, fisheye style or portrait), painting with detailed descriptions about materials used, 3D rendering with engine settings, digital illustration or woodburn art - it should convey both beauty and adventure to captivate viewers' imaginations.A young couple in their early twenties, standing side-by-side on a beach at sunset, gazing out into the horizon with a sense of optimism and hope for the future; clothed in muted earthy tones, both of them wearing comfortable sandals and casual summer clothing. The sun is low on the horizon, casting long shadows across the sand as gentle waves lap against the shoreline. The sky is awash with vibrant orange and pink hues as seagulls fly overhead in search of fish. There's a light breeze blowing across their faces as they take in this moment together - contentment radiating from them both. Photography style: Naturalistic Macro with Canon 5D Mark IV Camera settings: Exposure 1/100 sec; Aperture F2.8; ISO 100; Focal Length 50 mm  Mood/Feelings & Atmosphere: Optimism, Hope, ContentmentBright, vibrant colors, peaceful sky, silhouettes of trees reaching up towards the sun, serene lake reflecting the warm afternoon light, birds chirping in the distance - a perfect setting for relaxation and contemplation. Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with aperture set to f/2.8 and shutter speed set to 1/100s; Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm F4L USM; Painting using watercolor paints on hot-pressed watercolor paper; Digital Illustration using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet; Woodburn art using a pyrography tool on basswood board.Dark, eerie school hallway, dimly lit by flickering fluorescent lights, a teacher with an unnaturally long neck standing at the end scanning the corridor with her beady eyes, oppressive sense of dread felt in the air, Mono and his companion sneaking through silently while trying to remain unseen; photo-realistic style using a Nikon Z7 II camera with tilt-shift lens and high ISO settings for maximum depth of field and sharpness.A regal scene of powerful opulence, containing a majestic throne in the centre of a grand hall with marble columns and luxurious carpets, lit by warm candlelight and illuminated stained glass windows, evoking a sense of awe and reverence. The environment should be rendered using 3D software such as Maya or Blender with highly detailed materials, textures and lighting to create an immersive experience.Lonely, desolate figure in a dimly lit and decaying industrial complex, shadows cast by the eerie red light of the emergency exit signs, barely visible through the thick fog and dust particles swirling around them. A feeling of hopelessness and despair pervades the air as they stand there motionless, surrounded by broken machinery and debris that serves as a reminder of their isolated plight. A distant scream echoes throughout the empty hallways, only to be answered with an eerie silence. Realize this scene through photography using a macro lens to capture all details in sharp focus and create an atmosphere of dread with carefully chosen angles and lighting.A young adventurer, standing in the midst of a sprawling landscape, takes in their vibrant surroundings of bustling cities and rolling hills, awash with both awe and anticipation. The sun casts a warm glow across their face as they take their first steps into an unknown world full of possibilities. They carry a sense of adventure and excitement as they explore this new environment full of unexpected wonders. Capture this moment with a creative portrait that captures the intrepid spirit of the traveler on an unforgettable journey.A young woman, wearing a white and blue striped shirt, standing in a lush natural forest with beams of sunlight peeking through the trees. She is feeling peaceful and content surrounded by nature. The image should be captured with a DSLR camera using natural light, a wide aperture to create an attractive bokeh effect, and vibrant colors to capture the beauty of the forest.Darkness, eerie shadows, ghostly fog rolling in from the woods, a dimly lit cabin in the background, a silhouetted figure standing ominously in the doorway, flashlight illuminating an empty room with cobwebs and dusty furniture - all creating an atmosphere of dread and fear. Capture this mood with photography using macro lens combined with low light settings or alternatively create a digital painting with detailed lighting effects and subtle texture work to capture the haunting atmosphere.A young Asian woman stands in a bustling marketplace, surrounded by vibrant colors and exotic smells. Her face is illuminated by the glowing neon sign of the shop she's passing by. She takes a deep breath, savoring the culture and energy of her surroundings. The mood is both exciting and calming, as if she belongs here. She knows this place is her home away from home-- no matter how far away it may seem at times. Capture this scene with photography using a macro lens to capture intricate details while still showing the grandeur of the setting; add in vibrant colors to enhance the sense of being there; and adjust your shutter speed to capture motion blur for added drama.Dark, majestic castle standing proud against a backdrop of stormy clouds, grand pillars towering over the cobbled courtyard, flagstones reflecting the muted light from flickering torches, subtle mist rolling in from the surrounding woods, sense of power and strength emanating from within. Realize this scene through photography using a wide-angle lens and long exposure technique to capture the vivid colors and mood.Dark, eerie forest, gloomy sky, abandoned graveyard, forbidden air of mystery and suspense, trees swaying in the wind with an ominous whisper. Camera set to capture a wide angle for an immersive experience and to make the viewer feel like they are part of the scene.A mysterious and captivating scene of a black crown illuminated by twinkling stars, a rising full moon, and the faint glow of a distant city skyline, with a sense of grandeur looming in the air. The majestic black crown sits atop an ancient stone pillar amidst rolling hills and lush forests, while the night sky is filled with constellations that hint at secrets untold. A feeling of mystery and adventure pervades this setting as one wonders what lies ahead. Capture this moment in photography using macro techniques to emphasize the details of the objects in focus, or create a digital illustration to express its magical atmosphere.A majestic yet mysterious figure stands atop a pile of fallen swords, surrounded by a thick fog and illuminated by an eerie moonlight. Their gaze is focused on the horizon, their body imbued with strength and power. The scene is engulfed in a sense of awe and reverence, evoking feelings of grandeur and purpose. To capture this image, the prompt should be realized through high-resolution photography using either a Nikon D850 or Canon 5D Mark IV camera at f/2.8, 1/125s exposure time with ISO 200 for optimal results.A smiling woman wearing a blue and white striped shirt, standing on a grassy hill overlooking the ocean, feeling content and peaceful, rendered in 3D with Blender.A silhouetted image of a person using Google, with the sun setting in the background and a laptop on their lap, surrounded by a feeling of being content and relaxed, captured with an SLR camera in portrait mode with a wide aperture.Man in a futuristic office, working late at night on an AI project, surrounded by screens and gadgets, focused and determined to succeed despite the challenging task ahead of him., Detailed description of the man: He is wearing a crisp white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, black trousers and polished shoes. His face is illuminated by the light from his laptop screen. His dark hair is cut short and stands out against his pale skin., The room he's in has walls lined with bookshelves filled with technical manuals. There are several large computer monitors on desks around him, as well as various gadgets that are lit up brightly in the otherwise dimly lit room. The only sound is the quiet hum of machinery.,The atmosphere created by this scene evokes feelings of determination and ambition; it speaks to a sense of perseverance in spite of difficult odds. It also conveys a sense of technological advancement - this room could be anywhere from today's world to many years into the future.,Photography (e.g Macro Fisheye Style Portrait) with camera model and according settings Painting with detailed descriptions about materials used Rendering with engine settings Digital Illustration Woodburn Art etc..An expansive, futuristic cityscape of glass and steel towers, lit up against the night sky, a glowing beacon of progress and modernity., Detailed descriptions about the image: A sprawling skyline of towering buildings with bright neon lights interspersed between them. The city is bustling with cars and people going about their lives. The air has a slight chill to it and the stars glimmer in the night sky above. In the distance, a large ferris wheel slowly spins., Detailed descriptions about the environment: The scene takes place at night in a large metropolitan city. Bright streetlights illuminate the area while tall skyscrapers fill in every corner of viewable space. Cars can be seen driving around on roads below while people walk around enjoying their nights out., Detailed descriptions about mood/feelings & atmosphere: A feeling of awe-inspiring progress emanates from this setting; it's hard not to be taken aback by how much humanity has accomplished here. There's an air of excitement that permeates throughout as we get lost in its grandeur., Detailed description about how prompt should be realized: Photography with macro lens to capture detail shots or wide angle lens for landscape shots; camera settings should include long exposure for night time scenes (i.e slow shutterA futuristic robot stands atop a mountain of AI-powered technology, surveying the landscape of possibility. Its body is composed mainly of bright blue and white metals, lit up by glowing blue circuits streaming through its frame. The background is a sea of green and blue code that stretches out to the horizon, with tiny dots representing the ever-growing number of AI tools available to make superhuman accomplishments possible. The mood is one of excitement, anticipation for what can be achieved when technology and human potential are combined. This image should be realized through photography in a macro style with a Canon 5D Mark IV camera and an 85mm 1.2L lens at f2 aperture; ISO 100; 1/400 shutter speed; natural lighting; sharp focus on robot's eyes; soft blur effect on the environment.
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